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ABS audit corporation provides Audit and Business Support services.


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Concept of ABS audit corporation

ABS audit corporation's "ABS" is an acronym for Audit and Business Support.
ABS audit corporation is an audit corporation that provides services of Audit and Business Support, its characteristics lie in practicing "Mission" and "Philosophy" .

"Mission"of ABS

"ABS will be an audit corporation that exists for 100 years !!!"
"Mission" is the "will" that we will achieve by connecting "life". In other words, it is a very long-term goal that ABS audit corporation partners and staff realize while changing generations.

"Philosophy" of  ABS

The corporation's Philosophy is the basis for the fundamental thinking and action to realize "Mission", and there are the following three.
We provide ABS services that society requires.
Providing the services of ABS: Audit and Business Support that society is seeking does not provide ABS services that society does not require. ABS audit corporation treasures communication with clients in order to provide ABS services required by society. For example, even when the Audit is required by the law (Company Law, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act etc.), when ABS audit corporation conducts audit, we will not conduct audits that society does not want. 
Before starting audit, ABS will explain why / what type of audit is required by society, and conduct client audits after convincing clients.

ABS will be an Audit Corporation trusted by clients.
In order to provide the ABS (Audit & Business Support) service that society requires, it must be an audit corporation trusted by clients. In order to become an audit corporation that is trusted by clients, it is important to provide valuable ABS services and do work that is appreciated by clients. And ABS services that society is looking for is a service that will be a distinctive service for the world, and we believe that it is to do something useful work for society through clients.
For this reason, if you have a contract on Audit or Business Support services, we will provide you with high quality ABS service and become an audit corporation trusted not only by clients but also by society.

We will be ABS professional selected from society.
In ABS audit corporation, the ABS audit corporation's partner / staff maintains the quality as a professional and is open to each other, to provide an ABS service that always maintains high quality and become an audit corporation trusted by clients, and respect to frank communication. And, as a professional, we maintain the attitude of fairness and independence, properly manage and maintain client information, and we do our duties in good faith.
In addition, our partners and staff have established themselves to become a real "ABS Professional" chosen by society as our own growth goal, and conduct creative and ongoing training as ABS audit corporation and realize "Mission" We are focusing on training human resources to do.

ABS's "client"


Characteristics of ABS clients

The thing that the ABS audit corporation treasures most is the client. ABS audit corporation can not exist without a client. However, we believe that ABS audit corporation is also necessary for clients.

Characteristics of clients treasured by ABS audit corporations are as follows.

Clients are doing work that will become a benefit for society.
There are quite a variety of companies in society. As the company's objective is "pursuit of profit", there are executives who are striving for corporate management. Since it is a capitalist-liberal society, it does not object to the pursuit of profits, but companies are also public institutions of society, and want to be a company (organization) that is doing work that will contribute to society if it can do , we think many management people are thinking about it. 
Clients of ABS audit corporation seem to have many companies (organizations) who are proud of being doing work that is beneficial to society, being managed steadily and steadily making profits.
Clients are focused on creating unique products and services.
Peter Drucker points out that "innovation" and "marketing" are important for companies (organizations) to grow and develop. Focusing on creation of original products and services is exactly "innovation", and "marketing" will strengthen corporate growth and development. In the future of our country, it is the most desirable form that the company (organization) develops by the creation of unique products and services valuable to society by the management of many companies.
Clients of ABS audit corporations seem to have many companies (organizations) focused on the creation of unique products / services = innovation.
Clients are interested in compliance / governance.
In recent years, it seems that not only overseas companies but also Japanese corporations have become increasingly involved in fraud and scandals. Even though management knows about the importance of compliance / governance, such cases are unfortunately occurring frequently. Where the cause is different depends on each company, but what we can say in common is that management seems to have "self-protection". In other words, it may be that human weakness has emerged that gives priority to your interests rather than the company's interests.
Managers of clients of ABS audit corporations are interested in compliance / governance, and seem to have many executives who are anticipated by ABS audit corporations in this field even in the sense that they regulate themselves.
  • Another thing that is common to the executives of clients of ABS audit corporations is sometimes resonating with ABS's "Philosophy". Also, staff working at ABS audit corporation, many customers including stakeholders such as business partners also resonated with ABS's "Philosophy", many people cooperated, ABS audit corporation It is operated.
  • Based on the relationship of trust with clients, ABS is an audit corporation that provides ABS services society wants, and aims to continue to be an audit corporation useful to society through clients.
  • In addition, the partner of ABS audit corporation has assumed office as an outside director (outside director, outside corporate auditor, director, auditor, etc.) of various profit corporations / non-profit corporations, and contributed by compliance / governance etc. as a certified public accountant.

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